Ivan Chua

Head of Property Management

About Ivan

Ivan offers Property Management Services for Hassle-Free Experience. Having studied Real Estate for several years, he specializes in providing comprehensive property management services to meet the property owners needs.

With his experience as a professional and a commitment to excellence, he offer a hassle-free solution to ensure the smooth operation and maximized returns of your real estate investments.

Ivan has a clear objective in mind which is to represent you and your property to a high level. He passionate about Property and enjoys working in the dynamic Brisbane real estate market and particularly forging relationships with a vast array of clients – from First Home buyers to avid property investors.

Ivan isn’t afraid to take calculated risks as it’s what he’s been trained to do best, with key strength in negotiations.

With a solid sales and business background alongside industry knowledge Ivan can build an effective marketing campaign to see your property achieve its potential. As a potential client, you can rest assured that he will deliver uncompromised service and excellence.