Our Values

honesty, integrity, family

Mission Statement

We help our clients sell, buy, and lease their properties with our proven online strategy that has been tested in many different locations and in all cycles of the real estate market. Our qualified team of professionals offer the highest level of service and successfully assist their clients through the entire process.

Our Brand and Strategy Consists of 4 Key Ingredients

E – Energy 

Our team understands the importance of applying high energy, problem solving skills, and clear communication to all aspects of the industry. Bold, fast-paced, and hard-working, we embrace challenges with a forward-thinking attitude and work with the buyer to achieve the best possible sale price and deliver excellent results to our clients.

E – Empathy 

Each one of our clients has their own individual goals and we believe that one of the reasons we have achieved great success in our market place is because we have the ability to listen to and understand our clients’ needs. We adapt our strategy to suit each client ensuring their particular needs are met, whether they are buying, selling, or leasing.

E – Expertise

Extremely driven in all aspects of real estate, our team is constantly updating their knowledge and skills through ongoing training to ensure they stay at the very top of their profession. Our dynamic marketing approach coupled with our ability to make all our clients feel at ease and comfortable, is a testament to our success in the industry.

E – Effort

You will not find any other agency that will work as hard for you to get the job done as what we will. At eResidential, we go the extra mile in everything we do and are committed to you 110%. We go above and beyond to achieve your real estate goals which sets us apart from our competitors. 

Our Core Ethos at eResidential

One of Queensland’s top real estate firms, eResidential only accepts the industry’s finest for their clients. We have a strong team of professionals who support each other which creates an environment of positivity and cohesion.

Customer Care

Our team consistently receives feedback from our clients outlining their positive experience with us. We are dedicated to ensuring our clients are satisfied as a happy client equals a happy environment and one depends on the other.

Family First

Like our tagline says, “honesty, integrity, family”. As our client, you are treated as part of our family and our number one priority. It is so rewarding when our clients settle into their own home where they can raise a family.


Our local community is key to our business. We support the community in so many ways through sponsorships, donations, and key involvement in local clubs and sporting teams. The support from our community is reciprocated via community generosity and ongoing positive feedback.